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The Hells Club


Saint Anton himself could have used some Hells Club. After all, everything here is hotter and bit spicier! It’s THE place for cool drinks & great music in a devilishly good atmosphere. Perfectly suited for celebrations, parties and closed-door affairs.

We don’t mean to be rude, but go to Hells!

Hells’ Menu?

Hells Club is St. Anton’s hottest venue for tailor-made soirees and hip closed-door affairs. Turn up the swank! Stoke the fire! Break open the gates
and unleash the abounds of hell. Choose your own personal Hells. After all, you can behave yourself later.

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feel the heat

Enough with the cuddling and harp playing. It’s a hard life in the heat of the night.  

Ready to descend to the depths of...