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Believe it: The Raffl’s style is definitely something special. From our ample suites that pack a big punch to our entirely exclusive holiday flat, you’d be hard pressed to find anything ordinary or replaceable. Rooms, suites, apartments, chalets or an exclusive holiday flat... select from the diversity, because after all, life is full of colours.

As different as each of our accommodation options are, they actually have a lot in common. Because we’re a family and we share a common spirit, you’ll experience our legendary service no matter where you stay (by the way, hardly a room exists without an open fireplace). Because at Raffl’s you are the star. But don’t just take our word for it…

The highlights of St. Anton

Sorry, now you’ve got to decide.

St. Antoner Hof

The house where it all began. Cultivated from a tradition of authentic hospitality borne by the passion of the Raffl family and celebrated by sensational employees.

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It's cool like ice and fiery hot. It's heaven on earth & just a bit wicked. It's authentically Tyrolean, only a bit more colourful and crazy.

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Sweet Little Home

Our latest passion project. It’s sweet, hard-candy sweet. A very private holiday home in the heart of St. Anton. It’s all just beyond the doorstep, from the outdoor whirlpool or friendly butler service, because surprises await within.

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Raffl's Chalet

High above the rooftops of St. Anton. A perfect panorama, spacious rooms, rustic charm, cool details, open fireplaces, legendary Raffl’s service and plenty of privacy.

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