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Raffl’s Dine Around

The same thing every night is super boring!

The other hotels all do it. It must work? Right? Wrong. Enjoy our wonderful five-or-perhaps-more-course-half-board menus between 7:00 and 9:00 pm. Or maybe not?

Küchenteam in Raffl's St. Antoner Hof

The solution

Welcome to Raffl’s opulent dine around. As a Raffl’s star guest, the choice is yours. In addition to our wonderful five-or-perhaps-more-course-half-board menus, an additional three fantastic restaurants boast doorways to culinary worlds of discovery.

It’s a delicious dynasty, a tasty trinity...

Okay we’re getting carried away again. But can you blame us? Let’s put it this way. Would you rather have the same ambience every night, with the same (potentially boring) people at the neighbouring table, your gaze fixed upon the same decorative flower every single night? Let us carry you away instead. Because sometimes ‘ya just gotta break free!’

Kunstvoll gefaltete Serviette

Sushi at Seven Sky

Gedeckter Tisch und Dekoration im Seven Sky

View the great masters on the walls, taste mastery on your plate.

Detailarbeit in Sushi-Küche

Out-of-this-word culinary creations in good old Arlberg.

Gedeckter runder Tisch mit Kerzen

Sushi is Japanese. Seven Sky is from another galaxy. Somehow it works.

Raffl’s eat art

Raid the lost ark of indulgences in a Tyrolean Stube with very special effects.

Sagmeister Cuisine im Raffl's Antoner Hof in St. Anton am Arlber

Nuclear Snowball: It sounds dangerous, but only the taste is explosive.

"Eat Art" in der Raffl's Stubn by Sagmeister Cuisine im Raffl's

A culinary loveletter. The creative arts on your plate. "Sagmeister Cuisine" Across the Universe. 

Sticky Fingers

Gedeckter Platz in Raffl's Sticky Fingers

The devil is in the details: We carefully craft our interior design and carefully select the ingredients of our cuisine.

Raclette in Raffl's Sticky Fingers

Raclette or fondue. Alpine classics reinvented at Sticky Fingers.

Raffl's Sticky Fingers Restaurant

It may be cold outdoors, but inside things are just heating up!

Gedeckter Tisch in Raffl's Sticky Fingers
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