Why holidays are for indulgence, and not for milling about.

Let’s be honest: Wellness sounds a little bit like an old folks home. Like quiet, relaxation, sitting around in a bathrobe all day chewing on a few carrots, and waiting for the day to be over. Sounds like watching paint dry.

Massageliege in Behandlungsraum

Wellness? No way!

But Arlberg is something special! It makes your pulse race. Makes you want to gamble and win, to discover and to conquer. On these endless white ridges, the best winter sports athletes in the world come to test their mettle. This is a place for AAACCCTTIOOON and adventure. This a place for authentic experiences and breath-taking moments!

And now back to Raffl’s Magic World.

Imagine you’ve just skied the most fantastic line. Your heart is pumping, your pulse is racing and you can feel it in your legs, though your mind is a few steps behind in processing what you’ve just done. You’re in the flow. This is no time for wellness!

Zigarre in Aschenbecher in Raffl's St. Antoner Hof

Play with fire, have a drink & enjoy

It’s time to immerse yourself in Raffl’s Magic World! It’s time to hit continue on the console of life, to stay in that flow! Because with us you’re also going to need some courage and some stamina. But let yourself go. We’ll catch you. Let’s start with pulsing joy for life in all its myriad colours. Enjoy delicious culinary delights, heavenly drinks and a devilishly good service... No, now is most certainly not the time for wellness... It’s time to celebrate good times. COME ON!