New colours for the anarchist in all of us

And like so many of the stories we tell at Raffl’s, this one starts out like this: Once upon a time, it was a long, long evening. And on this special evening, we talked and talked. The night took its course, and the conversation ebbed and flowed. On topic, off topic, tangents, and of course there were a few glasses of excellent wine, as well as delectable dishes from our Á-la-Carte-Restaurant, the mighty-mini Raffl’s Eat Art.


When we stopped to think about it (IT being our young, crazy, and creative kitchen team and our traditional looking Tyrolean parlour under the direction of Jakob Lilg), something seemed off... Ah well, change is only constant. So we thought it over, and our kitchen crew seems to love tattoos. And then wait, here’s an idea: Let’s let in a little anarchy and decorate the Raffl’s Eat Art with crazy tattoos. We might regret it, but that’s kinda the thing with tattoos, right?

Sagmeister Cuisine im Raffl's Antoner Hof in St. Anton am Arlber

The place we call home

Our Restaurant is an expression of Tyrol’s enduring love of wood. Wood-works for us! Because we want our guests to feel the cosy energy of the Alpine way of life. We know where home is, it’s where we belong.

Kulinarik im Raffl's Antoner Hof in St. Anton am Arlber

Kulinarik im Raffl's Antoner Hof in St. Anton am Arlberg

And Voila!

18 large-format images behind glass. All the creations of our endlessly creative culinary team. It was a bit crazy, but that’s who we are here. Raffl’s world is full of colours. And today we’re even embracing a bit of anarchy, which for us means freedom to think: