La Dolce Vita  Di Daniele !

May we introduce... Daniele, our maître d'hôtel, or as we call him: "Master of Raffl‘s Universe." There is (almost) nothing he can't do — the Superman of Raffl's St. Antoner Hof. 


Grinning mischievously when speaking of "Hot Love" in his Italian accent, things get white-hot. So hot that it’s easy to forget: he’s actually talking about Crêpe Suzette
The hot-blooded Italian prepares his special sweet crêpes by romantic candlelight directly at the guests' table. As we have said: Parla teneramente!

Un Vino Nobile

Fine wines?

Also his forte! As a sommelier, he’s intimately familiar with the over 1,200 (!) labels from around the world on offer at Raffl's. All of them of course by heart ;-). 

Sampling wine with Daniele is a unique experience – and that’s amore!


Il maestro di vino